Petra Holländer Portrait Photo
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I am Petra Holländer, an artist and illustrator from Vienna, Austria. In my illustration work I combine playful forms, fun characters and bright colours, to create joyful and charming illustrations for my clients. My personal work currently focuses on exploring and experimenting with different mediums and topics. Since September 2021 I am doing an exploratory 100 days project, which you can follow on Instagram.


Here are five facts about me:

I am a plant lover

Nature really fascinates me and I am especially interested in plants. I love to look at plants, I really enjoy drawing them and I have over 50 different plants at home. And I also like to eat plants, since I am vegan. Plants are awesome.

Petra Holländer Plant Lover Illustration
Petra Holländer Excited Child Illustration

I am an excited child

Finding a tiny colourful stone, watching a dog doing funny movements or learning how to throw clay – I can get excited about lots of things easily. As a creative person I think it is really important to nurture the child in us. Being playful, experimenting and staying excited is the basis for my creativity.

I am left handed

Hence I belong to the rare group of 10-15% lefties worldwide. In return I can not cut with regular scissors and smear my handwriting.

Petra Holländer Left Handed Illustration
Petra Holländer Flea Market Fan Illustration

I am a flea market fan

Going to flea markets and vintage stores, digging through old things, finding a gem between lots of stuff – I love it. I also prefer second hand over new whenever possible, because the quality is often better, I like the aesthetics and it is more sustainable too.

I am a notebook enthusiast

Can you have too many notebooks? I have one for every occasion: I have one calendar, one for keeping my diary, one for my bullet journal, one for keeping track of commissions, one for writing down business tips and then several sketchbooks in different sizes, with different paper. I guess I just like handwriting and notebooks.

Petra Holländer Notebook Enthusiast Illustration



Study of Graphics and Advertising

University of Applied Arts Vienna


2011- 2015

Study of Educational Sciences

University of Vienna


2011 Matura (A-Levels)

Polgargymnasium Vienna


Group Exhibitions:

  • 2020 Creative Climate Care | Florian Semlitsch – Subscribe Clime Care, MAK Vienna |Presentation of my project “Homo Virido”
  • 2019 Künstler für die Zukunft, Rathaus, Twistringen
  • 2019 Inspire – Inspiring a World of Change through Art, Slack Shibuya, Tokio
  • 2019 Take Over, Drawing Ladies, Wien Museum, Vienna
  • 2019 Künstler für die Zukunft, Petit Musée, Twistringen
  • 2019 Angewandte Festival, Universität für angewandte Kunst, Vienna
  • 2018 Klasse für Ideen x Filmfactory Vienna, Vienna
  • 2018 OFF Vienna, Gösserhalle, Vienna
  • 2018 Lotus Charity, EGA, Vienna
  • 2018 a_social media, AIL, Vienna
  • 2018 Art After Dark, Sneak In, Vienna
  • 2017 Kollektiv Zyklus, Spektakel, Vienna
  • 2017 What matters now, Universität für angewandte Kunst, Vienna

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