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When will my order ship?

Once your order is completed, please allow 3 business days to process/pack your order.


How long does the shipping take?

Please allow 8-10 days in Austria

Please allow ~2 weeks in Europe


What materials do you use for packaging orders?

All items are shipped plastic free. The mailers are made from 100% recycled cardboard or from FSC® certified cardboard.  


Can I buy your art in a local shop?

Currently my artwork is only available at my online shop. 


My order hasn’t arrived yet, what should I do? 

If your  order hasn’t arrived after the expected delivery, please contact me via email (include your order number and full name).



My artwork

Which tools do you use?

For digital artwork I use an iPad pro and the drawing app “Procreate”. For traditional artwork I use various materials, usually what I have around, I don’t prefer any special brands 🙂 


How did you learn drawing?

Like many artists I have been drawing since I was little and just never stopped. I studied graphic design and advertising at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, which had little to do with drawing, illustration or painting. Personally I think learning to draw has a lot to do with practice, practice practice. Everyone can learn to draw 🙂 My style has also been changing over the time and I enjoy trying new things and techniques. 


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